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Are GFCI Outlets Needed In The Bathroom And Kitchen?

If you are thinking about a remodel or even house shopping, knowing a bit about GFCI outlets can help you with your task at hand. In the case of a remodel, you will need to include GFCIs in areas that could potentially be moist. In most cases, that consists of the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry area, […]

The Benefits Of LED Lighting

Most homeowners take modern lighting for granted. We never lived in a time when candles provided lighting. All we ever needed to do was flip a switch and have instant access to reliable and safe lighting. But there has been one significant advance in recent years that you might not be aware of or taking […]

Essential Considerations When Creating A Home Office

Over the last year, many residents have discovered more advantages to working at home than they ever imagined. Once they got used to the solitude, they began to embrace the casual attire, better coffee and snacks than the break room, and lack of time wasted on their commute. However, they also quickly discovered that the […]

Things To Do That Will Prevent An Electrical Fire In Your Home

Most homeowners would be shocked to learn that over 25,000 residential electrical fires occur annually in the United States. And even more upsetting is that many could have been easily avoided. But we never like to think about these bad things happening in our homes. However, we should all be aware of the causes of […]

Important Electrical Tips To Consider Before Starting A Home Addition

When your current home is no longer meeting your needs, it is not uncommon to begin shopping for a larger or more well-suited home. However, with the price of real estate skyrocketing, many homeowners choose to undertake a significant home renovation or home addition. These projects offer a more affordable way to meet their needs […]

Power Outage Tips Everyone Should Know

All households run on a budget, even if some have a more substantial budget than others. And you will never find any homeowners who are not excited about finding simple ways to reduce their monthly expenses. Especially when those frugal tips do not include giving up something enjoyable or altering the comfort level, most homeowners […]