About Us

Your safety is our concern before during and after the work has been completed. That’s why our trucks are clearly marked with permanent vinyl lettering and logos (not magnetic signs that are easily removed). That is why we wear a uniform  when we come to your home. It is why we keep ourselves well groomed and our trucks clean. And it is why we guarantee our work. We want you to not only rest assured that we are compentent electricians who take pride in our work but also know that we are trust worthy. Unfortunately there are alot of people out there who like to prey on unsuspecting folks. Unlicensed contractors or people with criminal records running around town in unmarked trucks or trucks with magnetic signs that are easily removed. Electricians who take short cuts in their repairs because they lack the integrity or knowledge to do the work properly or maybe they just gave you a lowball price and now want to hurry off to their next victim.

My name is Dave Campbell and I take exception to these practices. I have been an electrician for more than 30  years. I care about my clients enough to always tell them the truth about their electrical safety. No short cuts and no criminal record. I do all the work on your home personally and because of that I can guarantee the quality and efficiency of the work performed in your home. Don’t take a risk when you can have excellence, guaranteed.

Call us, you will not be disappointed. My wife, Angela answers the phone and will be glad to set your appointment.


If you are in need of an experienced, reliable, and affordable electrician


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