If your home or business is suffering from the affects of an old and outdated electrical panel it may be time to consider an upgrade or complete replacement. Issues such as flickering lights, sparking or discolored power outlets, a persistent burning smell, or even slight shock or tingling when you touch your appliances are all signs that your home’s electrical panel is due for upgrade. Most of the time these issues are the source of faulty wiring, the leading cause of house fires in the United States. Safety standards and regulations are updated over time but many homeowners are not notified of the changes. This leaves them especially vulnerable as the risk of fire increases with every passing year.

If you have noticed issues with your home or businesses electricity supply and are in need of an electrical panel replacement in Waldorf, MD, we can help! Circuit Doctor is the go-to electrician in Waldorf. We provide fast, affordable service with 100% Free Estimates to all customers!

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Whether you are in need of a small electrical job or a full scale electrical panel upgrade, we can do it all. We provide free estimates up-front so you know the exact cost before the work begins. With Circuit Doctor there are no surprises once the work is complete! If you are experiencing issues with your homes electrical panel and are in need of service, rest assured that we can provide:

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If you notice any of the warning signs outlined below, it is time to consider an electrical panel or circuit breaker upgrade in your home:

  1. A breaker that trips frequently
  2. A breaker that tripes when a specific appliance is plugged in or turned on
  3. A home that uses a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker system
  4. Your home was built before the early 1990’s
  5. Black or burned outlets
  6. Outlets or breaker box that emit a burning smell
  7. Melted, weathered, or worn wiring
  8. Odd sounds eminating from your breaker box
  9. Flickering lights
  10. Appliance use that leads to power surges


It’s best to think of your electrical panel as the brains of your entire electrical system. While it may exist in a part of the home where you seldom go, it’s job of maintaining your safety is extremely important. All electricity coming into your home filters through your electrical panel and then travels through the wiring in your home (much like your brain sends signals to the nerves in your body) to meet the demand of appliances, stereo and computer equipment, heating and air conditioning and so forth. If your panel is the old “fuse panel type” or even the “Split bus breaker systems” (which were installed right up into the early 90’s in much of the country, it might be time to consider a brain transplant.

If your home was built before 1995 it is a good idea to have an electrical safety inspection performed. It is an inexpensive service that can ensure your home is safe from the dangers of outdated electrical wiring. To schedule an inspection or to upgrade your home’s electrical panel, rely on the professional electricians here at Circuit Doctor. We’ve performed hundreds of electrical panel replacements in Waldorf!


Often people will notice such instances as flickering lights or receptacles that may work sometimes and not work at other times. This is a symptom of poor connections within your electrical system and when left unattended can lead to extensive damage and ultimately an electrical fire.

Another common sign of an aging circuit breaker system which almost always goes unnoticed is the slow and steady decline in performance. For instance, a new circuit breaker is designed to trip in a fraction of a second if there is a danger of wiring becoming overloaded. This is a safety feature built in for the specific purpose of keeping families and their properties safe. Overloading wiring ultimately leads to fire or electrocution, but aging breakers can lose this ability to trip quickly and in some instances, not at all. This creates a clear and present danger if a problem develops in your electrical system, because a breaker that does not trip or does not trip quickly allows electrical circuits to overheat and may cause a fire.


So what is the first step? If you have concerns, call today to schedule an appointment. We will examine your existing system completely and let you know if it is up to the task to keeping your family safe.

When needed, a new electrical panel will mean piece of mind as well as increased resale value in your home. It is a job when properly installed by a licensed master electrician, will last you a lifetime. We guarantee all new panel installations for as long as you own your home. If you sell your home within 3 years of the install date we will carry over that guarantee to the new homeowner, a great home selling tool that costs you nothing.