Is your home’s current electrical supply sufficient for you, your family, and your lifestyle? When living in an older home the integration of modern electronics can place demands on the electrical system that it was not originally designed to handle. Modern upgrades to everyday appliances like refrigerators, air conditioner units, & flat screen televisions can increase electricity supply in an instant.

So what happens when the demand on an home’s electrical system is higher than it’s supply? There are a good deal of symptoms too look out for when diagnosing the need for an electrical heavy up in Clinton, MD.

Signs that your home’s electrical system needs upgrading include:

  • Circuit breakers that frequently “trip” (switch off)
  • You notice lights in your home becoming more dim when large appliances are in use
  • You have a shortage of outlets in your home
  • You create additional outlets by uzing hazardous outlet adapters or extension cords

Whole Home Electrical Upgrades

There are many benefits and reasons why it may be a good idea to upgrade your home’s electrical system. The first major reason is safety. With 39% of all home fires starting as a result of electrical issues, it’s easy to see why a properly functioning electrical system is so vital to the safety and security of your household.

When many of the older homes in Clinton were built, they were designed and fitted with amps ranging from 30-60 for the entire home. In today’s world less than 100 amps is considered inadequate by any standard.

Another common issue with older home’s and their outdated electrical systems is faulty circuit breakers. A circuit breakers key function is to cut the flow of current from the electrical panel to an outlet or appliance that has become overloaded. This can prevent appliances & outlets from becoming hot and catching fire. As breakers age their connections become loose and often times they do not trip when they should.

In some cases we even see unqualified handymen or DIY homeowners try and solve for the frustrating occurence for frequently flipping breakers by replacing a breaker circuit with a larger one. This is a bad idea and can have devastating consequences.

To help protect the people in your home from electrical fires & reduce the chances of electrocution and shock contact the team at Circuit Doctors today!

Heavy Ups in Clinton, MD

Reaching out to the highly reviewed, well-qualified, and experienced team of electricians here Circuit Doctors for a heavy up in Clinton can have many benefits on your daily life. Including:

Better Overall Electrical Performance –Go from having your lights flicker & dim when appliances are in use to a properly functioning whole home electrical system. Match the demand necessary for your household and extend the lifespan of your appliances.

Improved Electrical System Safety –When it comes to old and outdated electrical panels, the risks are grave. Overloading an electrical panel can result in fire hazards that could cost you everything. On top of the potential property damage, the possibility that something could happen to your family is unbearable. An electrical heavy in Clinton will do much to resolve these dangerous issues and improve the electrical safety of your home.

Remodels, Renovations, & Expansions –Contacting the team at Circuit Doctors to schedule your whole home electrical upgrade will give you greater options throughout your home. From light fixture types, to outlet additions, and the capacity for new appliances and even central air conditioning. Whether you are looking to remodel, renovate, or expand on your home, an electrical heavy up makes the range of possibilities greater!

Give Circuit Doctors a call today to schedule a free estimate or to discuss an electrical heavy up in Clinton! We’re standing by ready to help at (301) 291-7514.

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