When you need to hire an electrician for a lighting installation project in your Fort Hunt, Va home, you might not know whom you can trust to do the job correctly. And then there is always the concerns of finding a contractor who is reliable and offers reasonable pricing. All of these issues can motivate you to try a DIY installation even if you are not familiar with electrical wiring. But that choices can lead to a much larger repair bill. And even severe injuries from an electrical shock or a fall from the ladder. When you need lighting installed, turn to The Circuit Doctors for fast, reliable, and professional service.

We have been serving the Fort Hunt, Va community for over 20 years. We have built our reputation, one satisfied customer, at a time. We offer a complete price quote before beginning your lighting installation or any job that we do. And after our licensed electrician has completed the work, you have a complete warranty on all parts and labor as well as our industry best 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call The Circuit Doctors at (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment at your convenience. We offer appointments in the evening and on the weekend to help eliminate the added challenge of scheduling around your work and other commitments. And as a full-service electrical contractor, no job is too large or too small for the The Circuit Doctors team. Call us today and know that we will arrive on time for your appointment, get the job done right the first time and leave your home as spotless as it was when we arrived.

Selecting Your Lighting

If you are not sure what type of lighting would best meet your needs, it can be challenging to achieve the look that you desire. Our team of lighting specialists would be happy to discuss your options with you in your home or over the phone at (703) 463-9866. Or you can research the list below to learn more about the options that are available and their most beneficial application.

  • Chandeliers – This hanging fixture is both a lighting fixture and an art object for your room. It could be thought of as the crown jewel of the space and is available in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Pendants – These fixtures are also hanging but are smaller and less decorative than the chandelier. Pendants are a good selection for lighting a kitchen island or peninsula.
  • Cove Lighting – This is the perfect way to illuminate an architectural nook or cove in your home. These lights can be LED, fluorescent, or incandescent.
  • Under Cabinet Lighting – These fixtures provide you with added work lighting on your counters. There are a variety of styles and types to meet your needs for work lighting or to create ambiance.
  • Recessed Lighting – These fixtures are installed most often in ceilings to provide light to a larger room. In very large spaces, the lights can be operated in groups to allow for a great deal of light, low light, or light in only a single section of a room.
  • Track Lighting – This type of lighting is also installed at the ceiling but on it rather than in it. These fixtures tend to offer a more modern feel. They can be used for general lighting or spotlighting on artwork or other décor.
  • Low Voltage Lighting – This is the lighting that is found in most landscapes. The fixtures combine safety and security features with added beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor space at night.

Creating A New Look With Lighting

Each space in your home requires a specific type of lighting to offer the best function. The lighting requirements in your living room are not going to be the same as those in an office or bathroom. Our residential lighting specialists will be happy to discuss your options for updated lighting throughout your home and yard to provide an updated look and increase your home’s value. Just call (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment with a The Circuit Doctors specialist or to ask any questions that you might have about lighting.

As you think about your goals for the new lighting installation in Fort Hunt, Va, it can be helpful to think of each space in your home independently. And to create a list of goals and ideas for the lighting. Some key areas to think about include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Office space
  • Dining areas
  • Kitchen
  • Hallways
  • Stairways
  • Closets
  • Garage

When you are ready for a lighting installation project in your Fort Hunt, Va home, a call to the lighting professionals at The Circuit Doctors is the best place to start. We can guide you through the process of selecting the fixtures and locations as well as providing you with a complete cost quote for the project, so there are no financial surprises. Call (703) 463-9866 today and know that professional lighting installation in Fort Hunt, Va can change the look and function of your home.

Schedule your electrical service in Fort Hunt by contacting Circuit Doctors Electrical Services today at (703) 463-9866.


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