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When you need a fast and affordable electric panel replacement from a reliable electrical company, trust Circuit Doctor. We have been serving the Fort Hunt, Va community for over 30 years. We are proud to be considered the go-to electrical contractor for all your electrical needs. We offer same day and emergency service because we know that Electrical Panel Replacements in Fort Hunt, Va are very serious and create a tremendous amount of stress in your life.

But please don’t wait until you see smoke coming out of your electrical panel or have no electricity in your home. Call (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment for a licensed Circuit Doctor electrician to evaluate your current panel. We will provide you with a price to replace the same day if it is old or beginning to wear out. We offer appointments seven days a week to work with your busy schedule and can even set up a time in the evening. 

Electrical Panel Replacement in Fort Hunt, Va is not uncommon. Don’t risk your home and the safety of your family because of an old or faulty electrical panel. It is the one piece of equipment that distributes the electricity from the main power line that services your home to all of your outlets and appliances. If this panel is not functioning correctly, your entire home is at risk for damage or even a life-threatening fire. Call (703) 463-9866 and know that a professional electrician will evaluate your home’s electrical panel and provide you with accurate information about its safety and functionality. We will also provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to replace the panel. And with that new panel comes peace of mind, safety, a warranty and the Circuit Doctor customer satisfaction guarantee.

We Are A Full-Service Electrical Contractor

When you are experiencing flickering lights, tripped breakers or blown fuses, you might have no idea what the issue could be or the possible solutions. But that is why you need to call the pros at Circuit Doctor. Each case and each home is slightly different. But because of their extensive training and years of experience, our electricians will provide you with as many options as possible to make your home functional and safe again. We know that a new electrical panel might be a very unexpected expense. But we will do everything that we can to help you find the best solution to your issues that also works for your household’s budget. Some of those options include:

  • Electrical Panel Replacement- Technology has made many advances in the last few decades. If your home is older, you might have a very outdated electrical panel that uses fuses rather than breakers. Updating your panel with the latest technology will not only improve the safety of your home, but it can also meet the increased demand for power in your home. Large TVs, computers, modern appliances, and automation all consume far more electricity than the items that were in most households just 30 years ago. A replacement electrical panel can meet these new demands and eliminate the potential for a catastrophic fire or failure due to a panel overload.
  • New Electrical Panel Installation- If you are adding on to your home, renovating, or converting unfinished space to finished living space, you are sure to need additional electrical service. With all of the modern conveniences that we include in our homes now, it is far better to add a new electrical panel than risk a fire because you overloaded your existing panel. This step also protects your electronics and appliances from power surges due to an old panel.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade- If you are tired of tripped breakers, flickering lights, and other power issues, an electrical panel upgrade it the answer. In addition to protecting your home from a fire due to a panel overload, you will have the benefit of a warranty on the new panel and the installation from Circuit Doctor. So you will not need to worry about annoying and dangerous power concerns.

Listen To The Hints From Your Electrical Panel

Everything in your home wears out eventually. But most of the time, you are just faced with an inconvenience when this happens. Something stops working, and you either replace it or call a repair service. However, when your electrical panel fails, you might be calling the fire department. Never risk the safety of your loved ones and your home. As soon as you notice any of these indications that your electrical panel needs to be replaced.

  • Breakers tripping more frequently
  • Odd sounds of buzzing coming from the breaker box
  • The smell of smoke or something burning near your electrical panel
  • Signs of burns on the electrical panel
  • You notice that the panel is warm or hot when you go to check a breaker
  • A reset breaker will not reset
  • Your lights flicker regularly, or appliance function is interrupted

When you discover any of these issues, never risk your safety trying to diagnosis the problem or, worse, repair it yourself. Call the trained professionals at (703) 463-9866 immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency service for just such occasions so that you are not risking your life or left to worry about an electrical issue causing a fire in your home.


When you call Circuit Doctor, you know that a licensed electrician will arrive quickly to handle any emergency electrical issue that you have discovered safely and professionally. In addition, our pro will explain the problem to you in clear and simple terms so that you understand what is wrong. Next, you will receive a free, no-obligation price quote for the repair or replacement that our electrician is recommending. The next step is up to you.

Our team is always happy to answer your questions, provide you with information and options, and help you make the best choice to meet your needs and budget. In most cases, we will be able to replace your electrical panel the same day and have your home fully functional. But the most significant benefit to calling (703) 463-9866 is knowing that your family is safe because your electrical panel is functioning correctly.

Call the professionals at Circuit Doctor today to schedule a free proactive electrical panel inspection, or to schedule an emergency service appointment if you are noticing any of the indications that your electrical panel is unsafe. Electrical Panel Replacement in Fort Hunt, Va may sound intimidating. We are dedicated to protecting you and your family with the highest quality workmanship and customer service at an affordable price. We have built our reputation and our company on this premise because, as members of the Fort Hunt, Va community, you are more than just customers, you are our friends and neighbors. Call (703) 463-9866 today and know that we will provide the best Electrical Panel Replacement in Fort Hunt, Va for you.

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