Installing a new ceiling fan in your Fort Hunt, Va home is a great way to increase your comfort and reduce your utility bills. While these fans don’t change the temperature of a room, they do provide enough air circulation to make you feel more comfortable. So why doesn’t everyone have ceiling fans in their home? One of the most popular answers to that question is because they don’t know how to install them. But there is a simple solution to that problem. A call to the ceiling fan installation pros of Fort Hunt, Va at The Circuit Doctors.

All you need to do is call (703) 463-9866 and schedule your appointment for a licensed electrician to come to your home and install your new ceiling fan. We offer easy to schedule appointments in the evening and on the weekend. So you never need to worry about being home to meet our electrician. And don’t forget that there are no unexpected financial surprises when you hire The Circuit Doctors. We always provide complete cost quotes before we begin any ceiling fan installation in Fort Hunt, Va or other projects in your home. Call us today and be enjoying the added comfort of your new ceiling fan in just a few days.

The Benefit Of Ceiling Fans

While most homeowners are focused on the added comfort provided by a ceiling fan, there is a second benefit that is equally as important. First, it is essential to know that ceiling fans provide added comfort by moving and balancing the air in a room. As you know, warm air rises, and cool air settles to the floor. In the winter, a ceiling fan is used to push the warm air down to make the room appear warmer. For the cooler months of the year, your ceiling fan should be set to turn in a clockwise motion to push the warm air down. In the warmer months, set your ceiling fan to turn in a counterclockwise direction to help balance the room’s temperature and feel cooler.

Using these settings correctly, you will discover that you can decrease the need for both heating and cooling in your home. The projected savings in the summertime is around 40%. The winter savings is estimated at 10% of your typical heating cost. With this much potential savings, you might be wondering why you have not called The Circuit Doctors already to install a new ceiling fan in your Fort Hunt, Va home.

The Ceiling Fan Installation Process

Installing a ceiling fan requires more than just a few wire connections. But the good news for you is that our electricians install ceiling fans on a very regular basis and have the expertise needed to do the job efficiently, cost-effectively and safely. The time involved and the cost for the ceiling fan installation in Fort Hunt, Va will depend on if your room is ceiling fan ready or not. But regardless, you will know the total cost of the installation process before we begin.

If your home is not ceiling fan ready, we will install the electrical box and brace in your ceiling that is required to support a ceiling fan safely. If the box is already in the ceiling, we will begin by mounting the fan. Next, we install any light kit that is included with the ceiling fan. Once the physical installation is completed, we wire the fan and test its operation. If your fan comes with a remote, we will also program and test its function as well. The final step in the ceiling fan installation process is to balance the fan so that it will run silently and not cause any damage to the inner workings.

You might think that this is when we present you with our bill and leave, but that is not the case. At The Circuit Doctors, we stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This promise means that our next step is to carefully clean your new ceiling fan to remove any dust or fingerprints from the installation process. And finally, we gather up all of the packaging and place it in your trash, before heading to our next job.

Selecting A Ceiling Fan

When you are shopping for a ceiling fan, you should be focused on more than the color and appearance of the fan. The size of your room will determine the size of the fan that you should purchase. The following list will help you select the right size fan for your room.

30” fan for 50 square feet or less

36” fan for 50 to 100 square feet

42” fan for 100 to 200 square feet

52” fan for 200 to 400 square feet

When you want a new ceiling fan but don’t want to climb a ladder or attempt to mount and wire the fan, a call to (703) 463-9866 is all you need to do. A Circuit Doctor ceiling fan installation specialists of Fort Hunt, Va will install and balance your fan at a time that works in your busy schedule. You will enjoy a more comfortable room and peace of mind knowing that the job was done right.

Schedule your electrical service in Fort Hunt by contacting Circuit Doctors Electrical Services today at (703) 463-9866.


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