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Are you in need of an Electrician in Fairfax, Va? Looking to upgrade? Do you have questions and concerns regarding your home’s Electrical Systems? If so give Circuit Doctors a call at (703) 463-9866 to have all your questions answered. We are a full service Electrical company that has been serving the community for over 30 years! We provide everything from affordable repairs, and maintenance to full on Electrical system upgrades. So you can trust that when a Circuit Doctor arrives at your home, that you will be met with top quality craftsmanship. Fair and Honest pricing, and a cost effective solution for any Electrical service you may need. We even offer Same Day appointments! Call now (703) 463-9866 and learn why the community has been trusting Circuit Doctor as their Go-To Electrician in Fairfax, Va! Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Electricians are just a call away. (703) 463-9866

Commonly Performed Electrical Services

As a full-scale residential electrical company that is both locally owned & operated, we have done much over the years to become recognized as one of the best electrical services companies in Fairfax, Va. We have garnered a reputation for fast yet thorough work at affordable prices. Over the years our service offerings have expanded and currently include all of the following:

Give Circuit Doctors a call today to schedule a free estimate with the #1 rated Electrician in Fairfax, Va! We’re standing by ready to help at (703) 463-9866

Finding Your Electrical Issue

There are some electrical problems that you will be able to clearly point out to our electrician when he or she arrives. Things like a broken outlet or a switch that is no longer working are relatively straightforward. But other issues could be much more complex and require the skills of a licensed professional to diagnose. One flickering light could be the result of a bad light bulb or fixture. But several flickering lights could mean a bad breaker, faulty or old wiring, or even an issue with your main electrical panel. And the only way to know for sure is to call in the pros to evaluate your entire electrical system.

Once our Electrician in Fairfax, Va has located the issue and determined the best option or options for repairing it, you will get a no-obligation price quote to fix the problem. This is also the time when our electrician will explain to you what the problem is, how it occurred, and what other issues could arise if you opt not to make the repair. This is not done to push you into making a quick decision about hiring us to do the work for you. This is our way of providing you with all of the critical information that you need about the condition and safety of your electrical system. And if you choose to seek other estimates for the work, we want to be sure that you know what our assessment has determined the issue to be and our professional recommendation for the repair.

To be honest, we do have some customers who decide to gather other evaluations and estimates. But in almost every case, they call us back to complete the job for them. And when we return, they often comment that we were the only company to show up on time, evaluate the entire electrical system, provide a written price quote, and meet their expectations for a professional contractor.

Signs Of An Electrical Issue That Every Homeowner Should Recognize

Now that you know more about Circuit Doctor, what we do, and how we run our business, we want to explain some of the signs that it is time to give us a call. This is a list of some of the most common reasons that our customers call us for an appointment:

Flickering Lights- One light flickering once in a while is annoying. But if multiple lights begin to flicker, or lights throughout the house flicker, that is a sign of a serious electrical issue. Don’t waste time trying new bulbs in all of your lights. Call in the pros to uncover the real problem.

Dimming Lights- One of the most apparent signs of an outdated and overloaded electrical system is dimming of lights when a high usage electrical appliance turns on. You might find that when your air conditioner turns on, the lights dim. But then they go back to normal, so you overlook that momentary glitch. But the issue is much more severe than that. And it can result in damage to your appliances, electronics, and even an electrical fire if it is not corrected quickly.

An Odd Humming Sound- No part of your electrical system should hum is it is working correctly and safely. If you notice a humming sound coming from your outlets or electrical panel, call us immediately. Humming and crackling sounds from electrical components are an indication of an overload or other serious malfunction.

A Burnt Smell- If your outlet or electrical panel smells like burnt toast, then you have a serious problem. That burnt smell, any scorch marks, or darkened areas on your electrical outlets or panel indicate that there has been a spark or tiny fire. And you need to call (703) 463-9866 immediately.

As a full-service electrical company, Circuit Doctor is the only name you need to know when searching for the right Electrician in Fairfax, Va. We offer electrical repairs, renovations, and complete installations in the Fairfax, Va area. And you will never need to worry about the quality of our licensed electrician’s work because our full warranty backs it. In addition, you will quickly see that working with us is as stress-free as possible. We show up on time, provide a complete cost estimate, explain your problem in simple terms, and conduct business in a very professional manner. And all of this is why we are entirely comfortable providing all of our customers with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So at the first sign of an electrical issue in your home, make the smart choice and call (703) 463-9866.

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