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Selecting Your New Lighting

Often, our customers know that they want to install new lighting in their homes, but they are not sure exactly which fixtures will provide the desired light and visual impact. Our team of professionals has years of experience assisting in the design and light fixture selection that will give the look and impact that you want in your home. Below are some of the options that you might consider for your home and the applications that we have found to be more appealing.

  • Recessed Lighting – These fixtures are installed in the ceiling, flush to the finish. They provide excellent lighting, but the fixture itself is not visible to add any decorative impact to the space. Many customers select recessed lighting to replace older fixtures in kitchens or to light larger areas like a living room or recreation space. These lights can be controlled as a group or individually for more flexibility to create subtle mood lighting.
  • Chandeliers – This hanging light fixture provides a double impact to your home. It is a fixture for illumination as well as a piece that adds to the visual interest of your home. Once seen as only a very traditional light fixture for a formal space, now many modern options offer a sleek and artistic flair to your dining room or even a fabulous master bathroom.
  • Pendants – These hanging fixtures are smaller than a chandelier and are often installed in small groups. They add a splash of interest and color over a kitchen island or peninsula, in a dining area, at the wet bar, or in a master bathroom.
  • Cove Lighting – These lights offer that blast of impact in an architectural nook or niche that displays a piece of artwork. The function is more to spotlight a small area or provide feature lighting rather than work light.
  • Under Cabinetry Lighting – These lights are all about function and washing a space in good work light. Picture adding these light fixtures in the kitchen, a laundry room, craft room or workspace in the garage or shop space.
  • Track Lighting – Much like recessed lighting, track lights light your room from above. But instead of being hidden in the ceiling, these fixtures are visible as they are mounted on the ceiling. Most track lights are designed to blend in rather than adding to the beauty or decorative impact of a space. They can spotlight a piece of art, a feature of the area, or simply to light the room.
  • Low Voltage Lighting – These lights are used primarily outdoors to add beauty and safety to your yard and outdoor living space. Path style fixtures serve to guide you through the darkened space. Spot and uplights add interest to significant features like sculptures, fountains, and ornamental trees.

Redecorate With Lighting

Each space in your home is designed to meet specific needs, and the lighting in each area should be designed with the same intent. Good lighting will increase the functionalist of a space, while poor lighting can deem a space almost useless. At Circuit Doctor, our team is highly skilled at guiding you to the best lighting fixtures to enhance each space in your home, both visually and functionally.

As you think about designing with light and your goals for your new lighting installation in Oxon Hill, Md, consider how you would like to use each space. Think about rooms that night serve multiple purposes and spaces that require various types and amounts of light. Some areas that many of our customers choose to update with new lighting fixtures include:

  • Kitchen And Dining Areas
  • Office Space
  • Great Room/ Living Room
  • Bathrooms And Power Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Stairways
  • Closets
  • Garage

To learn more about how professionally installed lighting can change the look, feel, and function of your home, call (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment with an {electrical Company] lighting specialist. We offer appointments in the evening and on the weekend for your convenience. And all of our licensed electrician’s work is backed by a complete warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Lighting Installation in Oxon Hill, Md!

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