If you find yourself in need of the services of an affordable, professional, & reliable electrician to perform a partial or whole home electrical rewiring in Oxon Hill, you have come to the right place! The team here at Circuit Doctors is the go-to local electrical company for the residents of Oxon Hill, Temple Hills, Camp Spring, Friendly, Clinton, and all of Prince George’s County in Maryland.

We can inspect your home’s electrical system and provide you with an evaluation & estimate before any work begins. If you are experiencing flickering lights, tripping breakers, and constant power outages, now is the time to schedule a consultation. Rest assured that we have the experience and tools necessary to handle neighborhood homes & commercial properties alike.


With so many other things to take care of many property owners don’t realize that electrical wiring has a lifespan. That is to say, it will not last forever. What’s more, depending on the quality of the original wiring job and the frequency of the maintenance, that lifespan could be a lot shorter than you might think.

Replacing wiring in your home can do much to prevent a wide variety of electrical issues and it may be necessary to support modern appliances. This is especially true when we talk about homes greater than 30 years old. This is because modern appliances put a great deal of stress on older electrical systems.

If you are noticing any of the issues outlined below, contact Circuit Doctors today to schedule a free estimate and learn more about our electrical rewiring service in Oxon Hill.


Did you know that there are an estimated 25,900 residential house fires in the United States each year? Did you know that nearly 40% of all house fires can be attributed to outlets & receptacles & interior/exterior electrical wiring? With numbers this staggering, it makes sense that every property owner would take necessary precautions to avoid becoming a statistic. Your home’s electrical system should be treated with urgency if you suspect that it may be on the fritz. If you are suffering from any of the issues outlined below, pick up the phone and give Circuit Doctors a call today!

  • Blown fuses
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Spending a lot of money on constant electrical fixes
  • A burning smell
  • Outlets are hot when touched
  • Outlets fail to work
  • Lights buzz when on
  • Appliances buzz or vibrate when being used
  • Appliances give you shocks when turning them on
  • Sparks coming from outlets when plugging something into it
  • Flickering lights
  • An over-amped electrical panel
  • Lightbulbs that burn out quickly
  • Aluminum wiring

The Benefits of Home Rewiring

There are many benefits that come with rewiring are numerous for home and business owners alike. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Protection from electrical malfunctions
  • Protection from electrical fires
  • Protection from being shocked when plugging something into an outlet
  • Removal of all exposed or defective wiring
  • Easier to obtain insurance coverage with new system
  • Ability to use multiple appliances at once without overloading the system
  • Avoid appliances being fried by power surges or shortages
  • Installation of power surge protection and GFCI outlets
  • Add resale value to an older home

Looking to schedule an electrical rewiring service in Oxon Hill? Want a licensed electrician to give you peace of mind or make recommendations for necessary upgrades? Then you want an electrician that you can trust.  You want the 5 star rated, background checked, and Google Guaranteed professionals at Circuit Doctors.

Pick up the phone and dial (301) 291-7514 or schedule an appointment online today. We’ll provide you with an honest & thorough evaluation of your home’s electrical system. We’ll never recommend more work than is necessary, nor we will cut corners on repairs. Instead we will put you first & treat your home the way we treat our own.

Give Circuit Doctors a call today to schedule a free estimate for your home’s electrical upgrade in Alexandria! We’re standing by ready to help at (301) 291-7514.

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