Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Oxon Hill, Md


Do the lights in your home often flicker or rapidly dim? Does your circuit breaker constantly trip when using different appliances, or even just turning on lights? Do you even have Circuit Breakers in your Fuse Box? These could be signs that your home’s lighting is outdated and that it is time for an Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Oxon Hill, Md. Call (703) 463-9866 now to speak with a professional at Circuit Doctor about your home’s current lighting. We will work diligently to assess your home honestly with same day, or next day appointments. Any one of our licensed Electricians will arrive quickly and provide top notch service while focusing on safety and efficiency. Waiting on your home’s lights to malfunction before upgrading may take a toll on your wallet, or pose a fire hazard. Don’t wait, call (703) 463-9866 now to speak with Circuit Doctor about an Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Oxon Hill, Md.

Is A Heavy Upgrade The Solution You Are Looking For?

An Electrical  Heavy Upgrade in Oxon Hill, Md, or heavy up, is not a fix-all solution for every electrical issue in your Oxon Hill, Md home. And for that reason, you should only consider a heavy up, after a licensed electrician from Circuit Doctor has evaluated your entire electrical system. This is not a process that should be undertaken by anyone but a skilled electrician with the experience and expertise to get the job done correctly and safely.

Many of the common indications that you need a heavy up are similar to those of a bad circuit breaker or other electrical issues. So when you call in the pros at (703) 463-9866, you could be expecting a simple breaker replacement or repair. But in this case, your electrician will determine that your entire home is lacking the power or amperage service that is needed to correctly power your modern appliances and electronics.

Give Circuit Doctors a call today to schedule a free estimate or to discuss an Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Oxon Hill! We’re standing by ready to help at (301) 291-7514.

Some of the warning signs to watch for include:

  • Flickering or fading lights
  • Circuit breakers that constantly trip
  • An old electrical panel with fuses rather than breakers

There are also a few other reasons to call in the pros from Circuit Doctor to provide a price quote for a heavy upgrade. These events include:

  • A major renovation to your home or addition- this is a perfect time also to upgrade your electrical service
  • The addition of a feature or component to your home that will significantly increase your power consumption, such as a new central air conditioner

What Exactly Is A Heavy Upgrade?

A heavy upgrade is referring to the electrical service that is running into your home. In the 1950s, most homes were built with standard 60 amp service. In the 60s, that standard service was increased to about 100 amps to account for more electrical devices in homes at that point in time. But with the addition of numerous modern conveniences in today’s homes, electrical service demands can exceed 150 amp and reach up to about 200 amps. So if your home was built prior to 1950, your electrical service could be providing less than 1/3 of what a modern house requires for the proper function of modern appliances and electronics.

The Benefits Of A Heavy Up

Even homes constructed with cutting edge 100 amp service in the 1960s, do not meet the needs of today’s homeowners. A heavy up will provide you with two crucial benefits.

  1. Increased Safety- Older electrical service is prone to an overload when trying to meet the electrical demands of a modern home. And when this overload occurs, there is a significant increase in heat and the potential of a house fire. Having the proper electrical service to your home will eliminate this increased risk to the safety of your loved ones and your home.
  2. Better Performance- As soon as you provide the proper electrical supply to your appliances and electronics, you will notice an increase in performance and reliability. Lights will no longer flicker or dim when the AC turns on. Your electric clothes dryer will work more quickly and efficiently, and electronics will not suffer power spikes and surges. You will also appreciate that breakers no longer trip repeatedly, there is no humming from outlets, and your electrical panel enclosure is not warm. All of these issues were signs of insufficient electrical service in your Oxon Hill, Md home.

While lights flickering and dimming might only seem like a mild annoyance, they are signals that something is wrong with your home’s electrical service. Likewise, regular trips to reset breakers are not typical in a house with a safe electrical system. When you find that these are daily occurrences in your home, it is time to call in the trusted pros at Circuit Doctor.

Our team of licensed electricians has been working with residents of this community for over 30 years. And in that time, we have become known as the electrical contractor to trust for honest and reliable evaluations and fair pricing. Please, don’t risk the safety of your home when you notice these issues. Call (703) 463-9866 and allow us to help eliminate the problem and keep your home and your family safe. Let us earn your trust and your business by providing you the best Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Oxon Hill, Md!

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