Electrical Heavy Ups in Hyattsville, Md


For most homeowners, when a contractor tells them that they need a heavy-up or heavy upgrade, they have no idea what this jargon means. And most importantly, many will envision a project that is going to be very costly. Some will even look at this terminology as a method intended to confuse a consumer. In short, people think that a heavy up is a fake service that was conceived to steal their money. When it is actually a valuable upgrade that will improve the function of all of your electronics and appliances. However, when you work with the licensed electricians from Circuit Doctor, you never need to worry about confusing terms or thoughts of being scammed with unnecessary work or fake upgrades. Electrical Heavy Upgrades in Hyattsville, Md is not uncommon. Our electrician will explain to you that we need to upgrade your service panel to increase the amount of power coming into your home.

The most common reason for a heavy upgrade in Hyattsville, Md in a home is new technology. And we are not talking about technology in your electrical system. We are refereeing to the increased technology that is in your home. More computers, advanced appliances that have a higher electrical demand, and more gadgets mean that your home needs more electricity to run all of your modern conveniences. And while you might have them in your home and think that they are working just fine, you could be overloading your current electrical panel or wiring.

With over 20 years serving the Hyattsville, Md community, Circuit Doctor is here to help you decide when it is time to upgrade the electrical service in your home. This service is needed to avoid damaging your valuable electronics and prevent an unnecessary electrical fire caused by overloading your electrical panel. Call us at (703) 463-9866 whenever you notice an electrical issue and know that our emergency service is available 24/7 to eliminate your electrical problem and worry.

Give Circuit Doctors a call today to schedule a free estimate or to discuss an electrical heavy up in Clinton! We’re standing by ready to help at (301) 291-7514.

Signs You Need A Heavy Upgrade

Even when your lights and appliance all work, there can be subtle signs that they are overloading your electrical service. Some of the indications can include:

  • Lights that flicker often
  • Circuit breakers that trip frequently
  • An old electrical panel with fuses that often blow
  • When your lights dim each time an appliance turns on

It is also wise to consider a heavy upgrade if you are undertaking a significant home renovation or addition to your home. Upgrading your electrical service is the best way to accommodate new HVAC, additional outlets and circuits, and upgraded appliances.

Understanding Standard Amperage

Before the 1960s, homes were built with 60 amp service. In the 60s, that standard increased to between 150 and 200 amps depending on the size of the house. But today’s homes require at least 200 amp service to property operate all of the technology and high demand electrical appliances that we enjoy in our homes.

Why Consider A Heavy Upgrade?

The biggest reason to consider a heavy upgrade in Hyattsville, Md is your safety. Often, your home’s electrical system will function, but it is not really as safe as it could or should be. Overloading your electrical panel or wiring is just asking for a house fire that could destroy your home and even pose a risk to your loved ones. Upgrading your electrical service is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that it offers.

The other significant benefit of upgrading your electrical service is the improved performance of your electronics and electrical devices. Lights no longer flicker or dim when the AC turns on, power surges area less likely to damage your electronics, and outlets will not hum or buzz due to a circuit overload. You invest a great deal of money in the electrical items in your home, and having the proper electrical service is the only way to ensure their function.

When you begin to notice issues such as flickering lights and breakers that blow regularly, call (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment with a Circuit Doctor licensed electrician to evaluate your electrical service. We will provide you with a free no-obligation price quote and explain how this upgrade can benefit your home and increase the safety of your loved ones. We schedule these appointments during regular business hours as well as in the evening and on the weekends to make scheduling as simple as possible. Let us earn your business with us by providing you the best Electrical Heavy Upgrade in Hyattsville, Md today!

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