Are you dealing with a circuit breaker that is constantly tripping? If so, it is likely that a circuit breaker replacement is in order. A circuit breakers primary function is to protect the appliances and outlets in your home from sudden spikes in electricity. Circuit breakers protect everything from your refridgerator, to your television, to your microwave, washer & dryer. Your circuit breaker is the only line of defense to prevent appliances from potentially overloading, overheating, or even catching fire.

The licensed electricians here at Circuit Doctor have over 2 full decades of experience upgrading, repairing, and installing new circuit breakers throughout the state of Maryland. We are available for 24 hour emergency services 7 days a week.

As time goes by and our power demands increase, overloading an electrical panel in our homes become a much greater risk. We upgrade appliances, buy new televisions, & generally increase our use of electricity year over year but often fail to upgrade our home’s electrical systems. Here at Circuit Doctor we keep your family’s safety and well being in mind, which is why we pride ourselves on providing free estimates to give you all of the costs associated with a circuit breaker replacement in Fort Washington.

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It is not easy to know when it’s time for a circuit breaker replacement. Especially not for the average homeownwer who has so many other things going on. Below are some of the more serious signs that you may need an upgrade to your home’s circuit breaker sooner than later:

  • It’s over 25 years old
  • Your circuit breaker constantly trips
  • Lights the flicker or dim randomly
  • Your home still utilizes a fuse box
  • A circuit breaker that gets warm/hot to the touch
  • Burning smell coming from the breaker box
  • Visible damage (burned or blackened wires)
  • Recent appliance upgrades
  • Recent lighting upgrades either indoors or outdoors

If you notice any of the above signs of a failing or outdated circuit breaker give a licensed electrician a call immediately! The team here at Circuit Doctor specializes in affordable circuit breaker upgrades in Fort Washington 7 days a week. Don’t let another day go by risking the safety and well being of yourself, your family, and your home.

What Should You Do About a Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker?

When a circuit breaker trips constantly it is often a sign of a serious issue. If the source of the problem is simple wear and tear of the circuit, one of the following issues is usually to blame.

  1. Short Circuit: When a short circuit occurs it is due to neutral and “hot wires” coming into contact in an electrical outlet. This causes the current flow to become overloaded. Overloaded currents produce heat that triggers the circuit breaker to automatically shut off to prevent major disasters like electrical fires.
  2. Overloaded Circuit: When more amps than can be effectively handled are pushed through a circuit the breaker will flip. This again is a programmed response to prevent damage to appliances & other electronics as well as fire prevention.
  3. Ground Fault: When a bare ground wire and a hot wire touch a metal box housing simultaneously more electricity is pushed through a circuit than it is supposed to handle. This leads to repeated tripping of the breaker. In the event that a ground fault has occured an outlet will usually become damaged with visible signs and smells of burning.

If your home’s circuit breaker is constantly flipping you should give us a call today. We can schedule a free on-site inspection and walk you through recommendations to solve the issue while protecting your home, your family, electronics, and other appliances.

What Is a Heavy Up?

A heavy up is an industry term for an electrical panel upgrade. The purpose of having a heavy up performed is to increase the electrical supply capacity of a property. This is very important to do during renovations, remodels, or additions to a home or business are made. A heavy up or panel upgrade may also be necessary to update old and outdated electric panel equipment.

Electrical panel upgrades are vital in maintaining the safety of & reliability ofyour property’s electrical system. Get peace of mind and secure your safety today by schedule a free inspection and see if your home is a good candidate for an electrical heavy up in Fort Washington.

Give Circuit Doctors a call today to schedule a free estimate for a circuit breaker replacement in  Fort Washington! We’re standing by ready to help at (301) 291-7514.

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