Are you tired of dealing with constantly tripping circuit breakers in your home or business? The team of friendly electricians here at Circuit Doctor can help! Our team specializes in circuit breaker replacement in Clinton, Maryland, and throughout Prince George’s County. Your property’s circuit breakers are responsible for protecting appliances, light fixtures, and any other electrical item from becoming overloaded, overheating, and even catching fire. Circuit breakers are integral to the safety of your property’s entire electrical system.

Our team of licensed electricians have over 20 years of experience in dealing with residential electrical work. This includes installation, repair, and replacement of existing circuit breakers.

One of the most common issues we see in residential properties in Clinton is that most properties have not undergone any sort of electrical upgrade since they were built. This leads to overloaded systems due to the greatly increased demand of newer electronic devices and appliances. As new appliances are purchased to replace older worn out units, and televisions are upgraded to the latest and greatest options, we never seem to find the time to upgrade or replace our circuit breakers to deal with the new energy demands. This creates a slew of issues like frequent breaker flips, flickering lights, damaged appliances, and ultimately electrical fires.

When your breakers start giving you issues, call on the #1 rated local electricians in Clinton to assist you! We’ll arrive at your home on-time for our scheduled appointment, provide you with a free estimate for any work to be performed, and are licensed, insured, and capable of handling any and all of your electrical service needs.

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What is a circuit breaker and what does it do?

Explained plainly, a circuit breaker is an automatic device designed specifically to stop the flow of current in an electric circuit. The purpose for stopping the flow of current is safety.

Common issues associated with failing circuit breakers include:

  • Overloading: When an circuit becomes overloaded it means that too much amperage is flowing into a circuit. A circuit breaker is designed to “break” or flip, cutting the flow of current when this occues. The most common causes of overloaded circuits are plugging in too many appliances/devices into a single power source, lighting strikes, and old and outdated outlets.
  • Short-circuiting: When wires that are not meant to come into contact with one another touch, short circuiting can occur. Essentially this is the result of an unanticipated electrical flow through materials that are conductive.

If your home’s circuit breaker box has flipped, it is likely due to one of the two issues above. Designed to protect your property and your life, circuit breakers are amongst the most important safety mechanisms on any property.

Common signs that you may need circuit breaker replacement

Although breakers are designed to be hardy & long lasting, they are still susceptible to aging, breakdown, and normal wear & tear.  Below is list of some of the warning signs of a failing circuit breaker box in need of replacement.

  • Frequently flipping breakers: As breakers age over time and begin to fail, the first warning sign you will notice is an increased frequency in flipping. This could mean your circuits start flipping for the first time with no previous history. One thing to keep in mind is that flipping breakers can also be a sign of other issues in your home or businesses electrical system. The bottom line is that constantly flipping breakers should never be ignored.
  • Flipped breakers that will not reset. In most instances a flipped breaker is easily reset. However, in other more sever cases a breaker will flip, get reset, and then flip again almost instantly. This is a likely sign that there is an issue with the breaker itself.
  • Visible burning/burning smells. It goes without saying that electrical fires are extremely dangerous! If you notice odd, burning smells, see burn marks, or notice hot/warm breakers, you need to contact a licensed electrician immediately!

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