Are you looking for a friendly yet professional, competent yet affordable local electrician to perform an electrical panel replacement in Alexandria, VA? If your home is in need of an electrical panel upgrade to relieve you of flickering lights, discolored and unsafe power outlets, and improperly functioning appliances, we can help!

From faulty wiring to outdated components to increased effeciency and upgraded safety, there are many reasons to upgrade your property’s electrical system. Give the team here at Circuit Doctors Electrical Services a call today to schedule an estimate and discuss the process and pricing for an electrical upgrade for your home.


  • Frequently tripping breakers & blown fuses
  • Your property still relies on a fuse box
  • Property’s built before 1989
  • Discolored outlets
  • You notice burning smells coming from your oulets
  • Worn wiring that has become too weathered to be safe
  • Weird popping sounds coming from your breaker box
  • Lights that flicker frequently
  • You plan on upgrading your appliances or remodeling soon


All electricity that flows into your home must pass through your home’s electrical panel. Your electrical panel is then responsible for pushing electricity, as needed, throughout the wiring in your home to various electrical appliances, fixtures, and outlets. Many homes in the Alexandria area were built long before the mid 90’s when major breakthroughs in electrical wiring occured. Most of these older homes utilize fuse panel or split bus breaker systems. These old and outdated electrical panels should be upgraded to better meet the new increased demand for electricity.

Arranging an estimate for an electrical panel replacement in Alexandria is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Circuit Doctors Electrical Services. We are a locally owned and operated electrical company that specializes in fast & affordable electrical repairs in Alexandria,

Schedule your electric panel upgrade in Alexandria by contacting Circuit Doctors Electrical Services today at (703) 463-9866.


When you choose Circuit Doctors to perfrom electrical service in your home or business you can rest assured you’ll receive:

  • Same or Next Day Service
  • Honest & Affordable Pricing
  • Emergency Service 24/7
  • Owner Takes Your Call & Works On Your Project Personally!
  • Full Spectrum of Electrical Repairs and Electrical Upgrades
  • New Electrical Installation
  • Top Quality Crafstmanship
  • Code, Compliance, & Safety Inspections

Here at Circuit Doctors we are proud to provide electrical panel upgrades, and new electrical panel installations in Alexandria as part of a wide array of residential electrical services. We approach every job as if it were our own and provide our customers with an unsurpassed commitment to satisfaction. Our aim is to increase effeciency, safety, and promote an more energy efficient environment for every customer we serve.



1. Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently

A tripped circuit breaker is the result of your home’s electrical box needing to stop the flow of electricity.  It is a result of built in protections that keep your home’s circuits from overheating and causing serious damage. Circuit breakers may also flip when your home’s energy demand surpasses your current electrical panels supply. If this is happening frequently in your home, it may be time for an electrical panel upgrade.

2. Electrical Fires

As wires from you electrical panel become frayed, worn, or overloaded, they can ignite. If you have ever noticed a burning smell coming from outlets in your home, or if you have seen discolored (charred or blackened) outlets, your property is in danger of falling victim to an electrical fire!

3. Breakers Do Not Stay Reset

If the breaker in your home gets frequently thrown and you are constantly having to reset it, there is an issue with your electrical box. If this problem consistently occurs and you are unable to keep the breaker reset for any period of time, it is urgent you contact a local electrician in Alexandria immediately.

4. You Only Have Fuses And Not Circuit Breakers

If you live in an old home that uses a fuse-based electrical system, there is no doubt you are due for an upgrade. Fuses are outdated and they do not have the same safety mechanisms that circuit breakers have. For instance, they cannot trip if your home’s electrical system becomes overloaded. As such it is highly recommended that you contact a local electrician to schedule an electrical panel upgrade in Alexandria immediately if your property is still on a fuse sytem.

Schedule your electrical panel upgrade in Alexandria by contacting Circuit Doctors Electrical Services today at (703) 463-9866.


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