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When you are looking for a reliable company for your electrical panel replacement in Hyattsville, Md, the only name that you need to know is Circuit Doctor. For over 20 years, the Hyattsville, Md community has been turning to us for all of their electrical needs and emergencies. We are proud to be known as the electrical contractor that you can trust for honest evaluations, fair pricing, and exceptional quality workmanship. Call us today at (703) 463-9866 for a free, no-obligation quote to replace your old electrical panel before it is the cause of a fire in your home.

We know that most homeowners worry about the cost of electrical work. And at Circuit Doctor, we do everything that we can to help you find a safe solution for any electrical issue that will fit into your budget. Electrical Panel Replacement in Hyattsville, Md is not uncommon. So please don’t wait when you discover a problem. Call us any time of the day or night for emergency service or to schedule a same day appointment. A Circuit Doctor licensed electrician will arrive promptly to determine the problem and begin working on the solution.

Give us a call today to inspect your home’s electrical panel and provide you with a detailed assessment. Know exactly what you’re dealing with by choosing Circuit Doctors & receive 5-star service with a smile!

Give Circuit Doctors a call today to schedule a free estimate for electrical panel repair or replacement in Oxon Hill, Md! We’re standing by ready to help at (301) 291-7514.

Take The Hint From Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is the first piece component of your home’s electrical service. And when your panel is not functioning correctly, the rest of your home’s electrical service is at risk. Fortunately, there are almost always indications that your electrical panel needs some attention from a professional. But unless you heed the warning, you could be facing a home with no electricity or even worse, a fire. Some of the indications that there is trouble with your electrical panel include:

  • Breakers that trip frequently
  • Breakers that are difficult or impossible to reset
  • Odd sounds or humming coming from the panel
  • The smell of smoke or something burning near the electrical panel
  • Scorch marks on the electrical panel
  • The electrical panel box is warm or hot to the touch
  • Lights regularly flicker or dim
  • Appliance function is periodically interrupted by a power issue

We Are A Full-Service Contractor

You will hear all of our employees proudly say that we are a full-service electrical contractor. But you might not understand what that means. In short, that is a way to tell our customers that they can call Circuit Doctor for anything that they might need related to their home’s electrical service.

We do new full system installations in new homes, we provide service to existing homes, and we also do additions and renovations to existing homes. And all of our work comes with a full warranty on labor and materials as well as our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Rest assured that when you hire us to do a job, the job is not done until we have your approval that you are happy with every aspect of our work and our company.

Some of our full-service specialties include:

  • Electrical Panel Replacement in Hyattsville, Md- Modern technology has changed every aspect of our lives. And that includes what we need and expect from our home’s electrical service. Old electrical panels used fuses rather than breakers. Updating an old fuse style electrical panel will not only provide better safety and power to your expensive electronics, but it will also increase the safety of your home. An old panel becomes a fire hazard when high demand electronics and appliances are continually overloading it.
  • New Electrical Panel Installation – If you are adding on to your home or completing a significant renovation, it is possible for your electrical demand to exceed the capability of your current electric panel. At Circuit Doctor, our pros can fix this problem by installing a new panel in your addition or adding a secondary panel near your current one for a renovation. This will allow you to add as many new outlets and circuits as you would like for features like a home theater, new HVAC units, or a new spa.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade- Even if you are not adding on to your home, you might be interested in adding new circuits and outlets to accommodate your electronics. A new upgraded electrical panel can accommodate that need and eliminate the annoying flickering of lights from your old overloaded panel.

To learn more about electrical panel replacement in Hyattsville, Md from the electrical contractor that you can trust call (703) 463-9866. A Circuit Doctor team member can answer all of your questions and schedule your appointment for a free, no-obligation price quote at your convenience.

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